Welcome to Donnington Wood Church of England Junior School.

At our school your child will receive the very best education we can offer in a caring and supportive atmosphere.

Staff and governors are passionately committed to the care, welfare and progress of all pupils whatever their abilities; we are a fully inclusive school.

We strive for all pupils to reach their full potential and equip them for a bright future in the wider world.

Children are supported and challenged through a broad, balanced and vibrant school curriculum and have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Achievements are celebrated and expectations are high.

Our Christian ethos promotes an atmosphere where children are encouraged to adopt British values of tolerance, understanding and respect for others irrespective of background or religious belief.

We are proud of our pupils’ successes and the school’s ability to enable pupils to make rapid progress during their time with us.

Our children describe our school as a welcoming, safe and friendly place which provides a good education for everyone.

” Everyone is always happy to help you.”

”All the teachers challenge you so that you can be the best that you can be.”

”It’s very educational.”

We are very proud of our recent Siams report: The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Donnington Wood as a Church of England school are outstanding:

  • The outstanding Christian vision and commitment of the head teacher that has inspired staff and pupils, raised aspirations and secured sustained school improvement.
  • Every aspect of the school’s work that is built on a firm Christian foundation and Christian values that are articulated by pupils and respected by parents.
  • Staff who know their pupils very well indeed are committed to nurturing them as children of God and removing any barriers to achievement.
  • Outstanding worship that ensures the spiritual development of pupils of all backgrounds.

Thank you for all your support, this accolade is reflection of the whole communities work and we should all be very proud. To read full report click here: Donnington Wood SIAMS Report.

Dec 2016 Pupil Voice

Out of 170 Yes No
Do we keep you safe? 165 97% 5
Are you challenged to improve and make progress? 167 98% 3
Do we deal with bad behaviour? 166 98% 4
Is this a good school? 164 95% 6
Do you enjoy school? 154 91% 16
Do the rockets help you learn? 165 97% 15
Do we hear your voice? 162 95% 8
Are you more aware of other cultures? 167 98% 3
Are we preparing you for life in modern Britain? 155 91% 15
Are you safe on digital devices? 170 100% 0
Has the school council helped improve the school? 153 90% 17

We will continue to work on these areas to get to 100%. The school council will be presenting a Safeguarding Assembly and working with pupils to help them stay safe.

In the last two years we have taken action on your suggestions and developed the way we teach your child. We have changed the times of the school day and introduced new specialist teaching for our topic afternoons. These decisions were driven by parents and pupils voices. If you have any other suggestions please contact us. The results have been very positive: attendance has improved and our topic results show that, on average, there has been a 10% rise in pupils reaching aged related expectations for topic. We expect this year to be even higher.

In addition to this we would like to signpost you to parent view. This ofsted survey helps us drive improvements and is just one of the ways you can help us improve educational opportunities for our community. https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/

Progress report: Head’s Report Spring/Summer 2016

Parents meeting march 2017


Parents Meeting April 2016 Results

Parents Meeting Results November 2015

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British Values: SMSC

We fully promote British Values in our school, for more information visit the teaching and learning pages.