WE 2 7 20 FINAL DWJ Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19

Risk assessment for transition weeks

Main difference from previous weeks

  • 15 max bubbles
  • 1m+ distancing (however still using 2m when moving around school)
  • If a child develops symptoms in school only they will be sent home in line with national guidance. If two pupils develop symptoms, the whole bubble will shut.
  • We will continue to check temperatures.

We look forward to seeing you next week.

Mr Fox

WE 2 7 20 FINAL DWJ Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19.pdf

Final Instructions

We look forward to seeing you soon.

You must follow the expectations set out in the attachments. You need to wait in the correct space. You must not congregate outside. You will collect from these zones too.

If you are coming next week WB 6th July (CURRENT YEAR 3 and 4) we will text you today and tomorrow with your group and start times.

If you are Year CURRENT YEAR 5 we will text you next week for start times and areas to wait.

Thank you!

Mr Fox

Blue what to expect.pdf

Red what to expect.pdf


Parent Letter My Day Transition Final 30 6.docx

Parent Letter My Day Transition Final 30 6

Transition: We have started our phones calls and have been so pleased with the response so far. Here is the My Day Document. We will text you the start time the week before they are due with us. We will finish our calls tomorrow, but If we have not heard from you by 2pm tomorrow, we will assume you do not want to send your child. Bottom Gate only. We will expect all pupils on Seesaw during their week. If you have any questions, contact us.

Parent Letter My Day Transition Final 30 6.pdf

Important Information

Good Afternoon All,

Please find attached important information about our Transition package.

We are looking forward to seeing you all for these important dates.

Rest assured we have taken steps to keep your child safe, and although we cannot guarantee no risk, the risk is manageable.

I will send the Risk assessment and MY DAY Document for this next week.

Your child’s new class teacher will ring you next week (on a withheld number). Please answer!

Thank you, as always.

Mr Fox and TEAM Donnington

Transition letter Year 3-5 For Parents.pdf

Coronovirus survey pupils 2.pdf

Online Safety

More online Safety from the UN


Guidelines for parents, carers and guardians

1. Have a discussion with your children – try and do some online activities with them. 2. Identify the technology, devices and services across your family / household.
3. Consider whether filtering and blocking or monitoring programmes can help and support your family. 4. Agree expectations as a family about using the Internet and personal devices. 5. Be aware of the online and mobile services used by your children. 6. Consider age of digital consent.
7. Control use of credit cards and other payment mechanisms. 8. Know how to report problems.
9. Be aware that advertising can be inappropriate or misleading.
10. Create a culture of support in the home so that children and young people feel able to seek support. 11. Educate children on the dangers of meeting up with a stranger. 12. Help your children understand and manage their personal information.
13. Ensure children and young people understand what it means to post photographs on the Internet.

Thank you Morrisons

Morrisons have been supporting our school since lockdown began with over 600 food parcels!

Last night they literally delivered a truck load of food. If you want a food parcel for yourself or a family member just text us and we will sort some for you.

We are creating our transition plans an will put them on website tomorrow.

Thank you Morrisons,

Mr Fox