Essential Information

Our school is a community where each person is valued as a child of God. We are a Church of England school, inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus.

Our Ethos

This page contains the statutory information required of all websites or links to them.

It also covers the day to day running of the school. For specific information click on the prospectus button.

Please note that if you require any of this information as a paper copy, please ask, and will get it for you.

DAy to Day Running of School

The ones who plant and the ones who water work together as a team with the same purpose.

1 Corinthians 3:8

Times of day

The school prospectus contains further details:

Start: 8:30

Finish: 2:45

We will consult on these opening hours during this year. The government has set targets for opening hours. Our school day is currently 15min shorter than goal, due to shorter lunch and a need to get to secondary schools. Our Teaching time does meet national goals.


If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at our school, fails to attend regularly, the parent is guilty of an offence under Section 444 Education Act 1996. A holiday penalty notice will be given when a pupil has 5 days or more off school. A fine of £60 will be given. If this is not paid within 28 days it will increase to £120 per parent.  

Admissions Policy

We currently have 222 children on roll.  If your child is in Year 2 and attending an infant school you will need to apply for a place at a junior or primary school (Year 3) for the 2022-2023 academic year starting in September 2022. If your child is attending a primary school but you wish to apply for a place at another school in Year 3 in September 2022 and wish to be considered as part of the infant/junior admissions round, you should contact the Admissions Team by contacting

The closing date for applications is 15th January 2022. (next year 15th January 2023)


At Donnington Wood CE we will be inclusive so everyone is valued and respected and where tolerance and diversity are celebrated.

Our Values

School UnifoRms

We only require a logo on a school jumper. This reduces the cost of uniform. Please order the jumper through the office. A PE kit will be provided to you for free.

School Uniform
Our children enjoy the sense of belonging and pride in their school that the wearing of a uniform
brings. All children are therefore expected to wear uniform to school.
Please note that it is your responsibility as parents/carers to make sure that your child is in the
correct uniform each day.
The school uniform for our school is:
Purple school sweatshirt/cardigan – these are purchased from school.
White shirt or polo shirt (from any shop)
Black trousers or knee-length black skirt (from any shop)
Black shoes (from any shop)
Purple & white summer dresses may be worn in the summer term or tailored shorts.
(Price lists are available from the school office or any shop).

We have lots of second hand items you can purchase from the school for a donation.

What our Pupils say about the school

At Donnington Wood CE Junior we will put the safety as a priority so we can work in trust and peace.

Our Values

Pupils feel safe at Donnington: September 2022

COVID RIsk assessments 2022

This Risk assessment still form the basis of our outbreak management plan.

Essential Policies

The use of Seesaw has increased parental engagement as parents can see what the children have been learning, as their work is uploaded. Homework tasks will be set which lead on from this and videos/ teaching PowerPoints are available to support pupils and their parents. The parents, pupils and teachers are able to comment on work completed or ‘like’ their work and this is a really important tool for engaging with parents. Likewise, parents can comment on their child’s reading done at home using the online reading record, which allows parents take a photo or identify a smiley face rather than having to feel they need to make a comment. Parents like this as it is non-judgmental.


FiNancial Information and Strategies

PerFormance DAta

At Donnington Wood CE Junior school we will empower pupils and adults to develop hope and perseverance, so that they are able to engage/explore the challenges of school and the wider world.

Our Values

OuR School Data

We are proud of how as individuals our school achieves and makes progress. Please click to see our data from 2018/19. This data is now 2 years old due to Covid.

This school continues to be good.

Ofsted 2017

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.

Ofsted 2017

Staff who know their pupils very well indeed are committed to nurturing them as children of God and removing any barriers to achievement.

SIAMS 2016

Data Protection Statement and policy