Week 8 Update

Parent Pay: If you need help using it, just let us know.

PD Day

A reminder that school is closed next Friday 23rd for our staff PD day. We will be focusing on our curriculum, Phonics and SeeSaw Training.

Friday Finish after half-term

To continue the staggered finish times, if this is a problem just let us know.

Year 4 finish at 2:20 (As they are last the rest of the week, they will leave first on a Friday)

Year 3 finish at 2:25

Year 6 finish at 2:30

Year 5 finish at 2:30 (as soon as year 6 leave)

Mr Fox

Week 8 letter.pdf

Positive Covid Test Year 3O

Good Morning All,

Today we have had our first positive test. The class 3O and teachers (anyone who has been in close contact) have been sent home immediately to isolate until the 20th October in line with government advice. Siblings and family members can continue their usually daily routine, unless they have any symptoms (see letter).

Year 3 is cut off from other year groups and the Year 3 pupils themselves split between 3O and 3P, with separate toilets etc, but will still have a deep clean as part of our procedures.

We have contacted and informed every parent in the class and have worked with the Health Protection Hub.

Work will be on seesaw and we will contact you most days to support your child in their work.

As per usual- if you have any symptoms please stay at home. Please keep 2m apart from each other.

Thank you for all your support,

Please keep safe.

Mr Fox

Parents letter-confirmed case.pdf


Just to make you aware that we (Morris) are due to start erecting site fencing Monday 19th October for the redevelopment works on Leonard close. The demolition will begin Monday 26th October (at least in half term), we intend to start on Blocks 11-27, 29-45, 47-63, 65-81, and the school bungalow.

Street Works Traffic manager

I have had a great meeting with the Highways Engineer tonight. They will be sending the traffic enforcement officer over the next two weeks. They will also be providing us with extra cones to cut of the corners. Long term: They are drawing up plans to put extra double yellow lines, traffic restrictions and possible resident only parking.

We are working with Morris (the housing contractors) to also look at plans to close the cul de sac off when work starts.

Thank you to the vast majority who park at bottom and walk up. I will be out tomorrow again to ask others to walk up.

Mr Fox

Closing the Road

St Leonard’s Close: I am trying (Again) to get the road shut during certain times to keep us safer. Please keep parking at bottom and walk up.

2 cars area allowed on site for safety reasons.

I will update you when they get back to me.

Mr Fox