School opening

Yesterday, (2.1.2021) Teaching Unions held an emergency meeting and some teachers have been advised to refrain from going to their workplace on Monday due to the rising rates of Covid across the UK. This development from the Union means staff can choose to follow their advice and opt to teach from home only in order to protect their own health for the next two weeks.

We are working with our staff as we find out whether they wish to follow the Union advice and we will keep you updated and let you know tomorrow, Monday by 10am. We must stress this is out of our control and we cannot open without enough teachers being present.

We are sorry to communicate this to you today and for the uncertainty this will cause for all but I want you to be aware that we may not be able to open.

If the decision to close has to happen, we will offer online learning, places for key workers (the full day) and in person teaching for our most vulnerable.

Thank you, I will let you know by 10am tomorrow.

Mr Fox and team Donnington .

School opening

Sunday 3rd January

Happy new year,
The situation seems very fluid at the minute. At the time of writing we still intend to be open, however, this will depend on a number of things including staffing.

We will have a definite answer for you tomorrow and we will let you know as soon as we can.

If we were unable to open fully we would move to remote learning on seesaw and be open to key workers and vulnerable pupils.

Mr Fox and the team.


Telford and wrekin primary schools should be opening as normal. We are planning to open on Tuesday 5th as normal. We will update you on Monday in case we have large staff absences or can’t open for operational reasons. Please message us on the Monday if you are off isolating.

We have good controls in place, but please don’t come to school if you have symptoms- get tested.

we may have to adjust pick up time slightly to stop congregation- please wear a mask and keep 2 m apart. Keep us safe.

school holiday dates:

School reopening update

The government has just announced new rules on schools- most primary schools should reopen and we hope to fully reopen. They will publish a list later of which areas are fully reopen. we are now tier 3.

Keep an eye on the news and I will update you when we get it.

I wish you a happy New Year’s Eve eve. We have a pd on the Monday and hopefully be back on Tuesday 5th. We will let you know as soon as we know.

Do not return to school if you have any symptoms.

We are now in tier 3. So do not mix outside these rules; keep us all safe.

Mr Fox