Text 1: School will be shut from Monday. We are waiting for government info on key working and will share this with you when we have it.

Text 2: Please visit www.donningtonwood.com, latest news and resources for all work and information. We have also made provision for you to email in work and ask questions about the resources. This will now become the first port of call for all communications and we will update it with plans.

Text 3: Friday: From 1:15, all packs, lost property, trays will be outside the classrooms. If you are well enough please collect them. We will keep some items, but water bottles will be recycled. You can collect your child early (from 1:15) if you want to.

Text 4: Friday: Your child can come in Mufti tomorrow. We wish you all the best and can’t wait to see our TEAM back together when this is over. As always, thank you for your support and I am proud of our communities determination to overcome this crisis with Hope, Perseverance and Friendship.

Whole School – Our latest update to support our pupils learning at home

Good afternoon,

Here are current updates to support you and your child further over the coming weeks:-

  • All our school staff will continue to work preparing and sharing ideas, lessons and resources with you online.
  • Please visit our school website and click on the Resources page.
  • You can now email to us any work or projects completed at home. If you do, please remember- NO PICTURES OF CHILDREN.
  • We will be running weekly competitions and challenges for all pupils to complete whilst at home with virtual awards and prizes!
  • Please bear in mind our online rules (see below). Any breaches of these will be acted on, reported and further action taken.
  • To email the Year 3 and 4 team, email: dwjs34.wood@taw.org.uk

To email the Year 5 and 6 team, email: dwjs56.wood@taw.org.uk

  • Teachers will be checking the details daily throughout the coming weeks, and will endeavour to respond between certain times.
  • We will not email work directly but all work will be accessible on the school website (Resources page)- use the search box to find an appropriate resource to use.

This agreement will help keep me safe and help me to be fair to others

1. I learn online – I use the school’s internet and devices for schoolwork, homework and other activities to learn and have fun. I only use apps, sites and games if a trusted adult says I can.

2. I am creative online – I don’t just spend time on apps, sites and games looking at things from other people; I get creative to learn and make things!

3. I am a friend online – I won’t share anything that I know another person wouldn’t want shared, or which might upset them. And if I know a friend is worried or needs help, I will remind them to talk to an adult, or even do it for them.

4. I am a secure online learner – I keep my passwords to myself and reset them if anyone finds them out.

5. I am careful what I click on – I don’t click on links I don’t expect to see and only download or install things when I know it is safe or has been agreed by trusted adults.

6. I ask for help if I am scared or worried – I will talk to a trusted adult if anything upsets me or worries me on an app, site or game – it often helps. If I get a funny feeling, I talk about it.

7. I know it’s not my fault if I see or someone sends me something bad – I don’t need to worry about getting in trouble, but I mustn’t share it. Instead, I will tell someone.

8. I communicate and collaborate online – with people I know and have met in real life or that a trusted adult knows about.

9. I know new friends aren’t always who they say they are – I am careful when someone wants to be my friend. Unless I have met them face to face, I can’t be sure who they are. If I want to meet them, I will ask a trusted adult, and never go alone or without telling an adult.

10. I don’t do public live streams on my own – and only go on a video chat if my trusted adult knows I am doing it and who with.

11. I tell my parents/carers what I do online – they might not know the app, site or game, but they can still help me when things go wrong, and they want to know what I’m doing.

12. I am private online – I only give out private information if a trusted adult says it’s okay. This might be my home address, phone number or other personal information that could be used to identify me or my family and friends.

13. I keep my body to myself online – I never change what I wear in front of a camera and remember that my body is mine and mine only, and I don’t send any photos without checking with a trusted adult.

14. I say no online if I need to – if I get asked something that makes me worried or upset or just confused, I say no, stop chatting and tell a trusted adult.

15. I am a rule-follower online – I know that apps, sites and games have rules on how to behave, and some have age restrictions. I follow the rules, only use the ones I am allowed to use, and report bad behaviour.

16. I am not a bully – I do not post, make or share unkind, hurtful or rude messages/comments and tell my trusted adults if I see these.

17. I am part of a community – I do not make fun of anyone or exclude them because they are different to me. If I see anyone doing this, I tell a trusted adult.

18. I respect people’s work – I only edit or delete my own digital work and only use words, pictures or videos from other people if I have their permission or if it is copyright free or has a Creative Commons licence.

19. I am a researcher online – I use safe search tools approved by my trusted adults. I know I can’t believe everything I see online, know which sites to trust, and know how to double check information I find.


I have read and understood this agreement.

If I have any questions, I will speak to a trusted adult: at school that includes any adult in the school, my class teacher, Miss Ganderton, Mr Rawson or Mr Fox.

Parent Access to CalmBrain during School Shutdown

Calm brain is an activity all our children do- you can now access it for free.

CalmBrain Logo



Parent Access to CalmBrain® During School Shutdown

Dear all,

A number of you have contacted us expressing concern at the level of anxiety you are seeing in some children and their families in the current challenging circumstances and have asked if there is a way that children can access CalmBrain at home.

We want to do anything that we can to help parents and children during what will be, for many families, a stressful period having their children at home for a long period.

We are therefore going to offer free access to CalmBrain for all parents, giving them unlimited access to the Jukebox for the duration of the school closure. All we need is the name and email address of the parent, and the school that their child attends

We would be very grateful if you could help us by emailing all your parents and telling them that all they need to do to get access is email us at calmbrainsupport giving the following information:

· Their first and last name (I.e. the name of the parent; we do no need the name of the child)

· The parent’s email address

· The name of the school their child attends

This will provide children and their parents with access to over 100 CalmBrain movements in the Jukebox based on Positive Emotions and CalmBrain Phases.

We hope that his is of help, and that you all stay safe and healthy in the months ahead.

Best wishes


Dr. Sarah Taylor

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Create of CalmBrain

𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐎𝐍𝐀𝐕𝐈𝐑𝐔𝐒 𝐓𝐄𝐌𝐏𝐎𝐑𝐀𝐑𝐘 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐒 – from Telford & Wrekin Council


During these difficult and uncertain times, it is our top priority to protect and care for all residents, visitors and employees in our borough.

After careful consideration, we have decided to temporarily close the following Telford and Wrekin facilities from 5pm on Friday 20 March:

  • All Leisure Centres: Abraham Darby Sports & Leisure Centre, Horsehay Village Golf Centre, Newport Swimming Pool, Oakengates Leisure Centre, Phoenix Sports Centre, Stirchley Sports Centre, Wellington Civic & Leisure Centre
  • Telford Snowboard & Ski Centre
  • High Ropes, Disc & Adventure Golf at Telford Town Park
  • Telford Ice Rink
  • Libraries run by Telford & Wrekin Council at Madeley, Newport, Oakengates and Wellington as well as library facilities at Southwater One – we are also recommending that partners who run community library facilities in the borough also close.
  • Telford Town park visitor centre (the town park remains open)

These facilities will be closed until the end of May when we will review the decision.

We are also postponing the Council’s outdoor events programme until the end of May, when we will review the decision.

These events include:

  • Spring into St George’s Day 19 April
  • VE Day celebrations 8 May
  • Telford Balloon Fiesta 9 & 10 May

More information on http://newsroom.telford.gov.uk/News/Details/15159

Thank you.

School closure

Please note government advice to shut schools from Friday. We are waiting for further info from the government in regards to us support key workers and the most vulnerable; We will need time to process this.

We will be providing every child with physical paper resource packs on Friday. Those of you that are self isolating should not come and get one, but could ask friends to post them through door. We will be posting out some packs too, or alternatively they will be online.

Over the next few days and weeks we will use our website to share information/resources as well as create team email addresses to communicate with you directly.

Please keep checking the website, the bbc and government websites.

It is a pleasure to be your head teacher and I can’t wait to get everyone back into school. Thank you for the continued support.

Please be safe,

Mr Fox

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The Government is updating the nation about schools at 5pm tonight.

We will act accordingly.

We have started to add resources to the resource page and will be sharing other information soon.

Mr Fox


If you feel you are vulnerable to the virus (as per earlier email), please contact us and we can discuss ways we can support you and your child and actions we can take.