APE for Reading and Maths

To help our pupils improve their comprehension of problems we have introduced APE for Reading and Maths this week. This gives pupils a clear strategy for tackling tricky problems.

APE for Reading

Answer it, Prove it and Explain it

For example.

Text: He did his coat up, grabbed a torch and went out into the unknown.

Question: What time of day did the man go outside?

A: It was night time

P: ‘grabbed a torch’ and ‘unknown’ (The Prove it part is usually a quote.)

E: You would need a torch when it is dark; it is dark at night time. Unknown would suggest he cannot see what is out there, because it is dark.

APE for Maths

Analyse it, Prove it and Explain it

(Note it is slightly different as the children thought you needed to spend more time working out what the question wanted you to do.

For Example:

Question: Debbie has 14 sweets. She eats 8. How many sweets does Debbie have left?

Analyse: Frist, you would underline and highlight the key information and vocabulary. Debbie has 14 sweets. She eats 8. How many sweets does Debbie have left?

Eats means take away and it wants to know how many are left.

P: 14-8=6

E: I know I am right because I worked this out with real sweets.

If you have any more questions please come and speak to your class teacher.

Mr Rawson and Mrs Dymond

Literacy and Maths coordinators

APE Maths.pdf

APE English.pdf

School closed 12/12/17

Following a site inspection and forecasted weather we have taken the decision to remain shut tomorrow, Tuesday 12/12/17. This decision was not taken lightly, but for the safety of all pupils and staff we have to remain shut.

We will assess the site again tomorrow, and with the improving forecast, update you ASAP as to Wednesday.

Thank you you for your understanding and sorry for inconvenience.