Week 2

Week 2 update

Another really good week at school with some fantastic work taken place.

Symptoms of Covid 19: Runny noses and sore throats are not currently a symptom of Covid 19 and not reasons to keep a child off school. If you have any doubts ring 111 or contact the school.

The three main symptoms are still the same around high temperature, new persistent cough and loss of smell and taste. If you have these symptoms you need to arrange a test and let us know so we can update Test and Trace. Your child is expected to complete work whilst waiting for the results, unless they are too ill, and will receive a daily call from Mrs Worthington.

Congregating outside school. From Monday you need to be not in groups of more than 6. We will put more sings up, but please stay apart and safe, and back form the pavement.

PE kit: Formal PE starts, pupils come in on their PE day with their kits on. Year 6 Monday, Year 5 Tuesday., Year 4 Wednesday and Year 3 Thursday.

Reading at home: Please read with your child at home.

SeeSaw: All year 4, 5 and 6 now have their own tablet. Year three get theirs next week, but have started to use some this week. We aim to set up family access once we have set up Parent Pay.

Parent Pay: We are nearly ready to set this up and will send out information shortly.

iPads: We do have a number of iPad 2s we can lend if you require one. They are locked down to a limited number of apps and can only be used for school work. If you need one just ask via text. If you do not have internet access either through phone or broadband please also let us know as we are waiting for information from the government on a scheme with BT.

Friday Deep Clean With the recent news and worsening situation with coronavirus levels in the country our protection and control measure are even more important. I am currently working with governors and our cleaning team, in regard to early finish and deep clean that takes place on a Friday PM. It may mean that we need to continue finishing earlier on a Friday to allow it to happen. Please contact us via text if this is a problem, and I will ring back. Please note that we do not lose any time to teaching, as by starting earlier and having shorter lunches we actually are working longer than usual.

Thank you all,

In Hope, Perseverance and Friendship,

Mr Fox

Free Online Course

Free Online Course for Parents: Understanding your Child

Children and young people need all the emotional support they can get right now, from adults with space to think about how they communicate emotions through their behaviour.

Did you know that online courses for parents/carers and staff about children’s physical, emotional and brain development have been prepaid in this area, making £88 worth of content FREE for residents of Telford! These courses don’t lecture, they explain psychological and neuroscience in jargon free bite sized chunks.

Highly recommended for all!

To access the course visit the in our place website.

Log on details:

· Access code: DARWIN18

· Create an account** and start right now!

The available courses are:

· ‘Understanding your child’ 0-19 years (main course)

· ‘Understanding your teenager’s brain’ (short course).

Year 7 event cancelled:

We are unable to hold a formal event for our Year 7s. However, on Friday 18th September @3-3:30 you can come to school (bottom gate) and say a socially distant farewell and receive your leavers gift. I am sorry we cannot do more but safety must come first.


Please note that the age limit for this is 16. Please also note that due to its servers being in China it is not protected by European Data protection laws.


Dear Parent/Guardian,

First of all may I welcome you and your child(ren) back to Donnington Wood Junior School. I am sure you are all concerned, at some level, as to how PE will operate in the school this year and what strategies we have put in place to limit the potential risks of COVID-19.

  • As per last year, students will attend school in their PE kits on their given PE Day.

Year 6 – Monday

Year 5 – Tuesday

Year 4 – Wednesday

Year 3 – Thursday

Please ensure that your child has dark joggers and a school jumper to wear on colder days to supplement the PE kit that was supplied to you. You MUST NOT wear any logo trousers, only plain. If your child has grown out of their kit, please contact Ms Armstrong in the school office to obtain/purchase a new one. Children in Year 3 will be issued their PE kits on or before Friday 11th September.

· The first few weeks of lessons will take place with children being taught entirely within their school class bubbles. This means that children will be taught PE by their own class teachers and support adults (TA’s), following an amended version of the school PE Curriculum.

· Lessons will initially use very limited equipment that will be laid out and collected by staff (before and after lessons) and will simply be used to designate areas and give targets to move from/around. Later lessons will then use equipment that is used only within that bubble and is cleaned down prior to, and post, use, before being left unused for a period of more than 72 hours.

· Where equipment such as balls are used, children will be reminded to touch only their own (/groups) ball and in the case of football not to pick it up with their hands.

· As far as possible the activities will observe social spacing and children will be organised and reminded that during periods of post exercise ‘heavy breathing’ they should not be directly facing another person within a 2m distance.

· At the end of lessons students will be required to immediately gel their hands (the teacher will have this with them on the field/playing area) and then wash them thoroughly on their return into class. All adults will constantly remind children NOT to touch their faces during lessons. Where this is an issue, teachers will have hand gel to give to children.

Extra-curricular Provision

· We hope to advise you during Week 3 of the after-school clubs that will be available from Week 4 onwards. These will run within class bubbles. Further info to follow. Naturally, this will sadly limit what can be offered during the first two terms, but the policy and provision will be constantly reviewed in line will Government and BALPE advise. Clubs will ONLY be available for students on their Year groups PE day.

· At present the Education department of Telford & Wrekin has ‘banned’ inter school fixtures (despite children playing for weekend clubs in local leagues) and as such we will not be participating in fixtures against other schools, until changes in this guidance are made.

I trust that you will approve and understand the steps the school has taken to protect your child in these difficult times. Should you require any further information regarding these matters, please feel free to contact the school detailing your enquiry and I will attempt to answer it asap. Updates will also be made on the school website, so please check this regularly and before contacting us, just in case we have already made those changes/answered your questions.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Field

Teacher i/c PE

Week 1 Update

Thank you all so much for your trust and support you have shown in the work of our school during this difficult time. I am confident the children have relaxed into the new systems and enjoyed their first week. Our core values of hope, perseverance and friendship have truly been on display this week as we return to school life again.

Phone calls

We work in partnership to support you and your child in their school learning, so we will begin to make phone calls home this week. Class teachers will try and ring every parent of their pupils during these initial 4 weeks. This is a brief opportunity to discuss how they have settled in and to answer any questions you may have.

Next Week

Breakfast club

Please text us to book a breakfast club place. You must book in advance. It will run from 7:45, and your child must arrive by 7:55. They will be temperature checked and sat only within their bubble ensuring a safe 2m distance away from others. The cost is: £1:50 a day or £6 for week.


Thank you to the VAST majority of people who are not driving up the road to the gates. Demolition work on the adjacent flats is set to start soon, and I will be out again asking those last few to not drive up the road.


Next week we will send out Year 3 PE kits and a letter about PE lessons. This will include the timetable and how we will keep your child safe. PE lessons will then start the week after and PE clubs will follow shortly in a safe way. On their PE days pupils come to school in their kits.


We are rolling this online learning tool out to all pupils. By the end of next week you will be able to ask your child to show your their accounts and the work they have done. We will set up family access at a later date.


We will be sorting out parent pay for email notes and payments soon.

It is a great privilege to lead our school though this time of crisis and I am proud of everyone’s determination to succeed and stay safe.

If you have any questions or issues, please text us and we will ring you back when we can.

Thank you

Mr Fox and TEAM Donnington

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