My day instructions and expectations

FAO Year 6 and Key workers/Vulnerable

Good Afternoon all,

Please find the My Day list for the return to school and current risk assessment.

We need you to read these and understand them, we will ask questions and answer any you have.

We will ring the year 6s on Friday and discuss times and plans.

Vulnerable and Key workers will be spoken to on Wednesday.

Mr Fox

Parent Letter My Day June FINAL.docx

2 6 20 DWJ Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 version 3 approved by LA.docx

Update Friday 29.5.20

Good Afternoon all,

After a busy week I want to update you with where we are:

SCHOOL CLOSED Monday 1st June: for training and completion of physical social distancing. We have moved and sorted most classes but we will be finishing off this week. All staff will be going through the Risk assessment.

If you are a key worker you must let us know you need a place by 1 on Monday. Please contact us if you need our emergency school (via Text). Please note that the list remains the same and only if your child cannot be safely looked after. We are very nearly full.

Phone calls: to Year 6 Confirmed/Unsure and Key workers- to detail next step and alert you to the new requirements ready for June 8th

Tuesday 2nd: Key workers and Vulnerable 9- 1. Please note that during week we will be adopting the new risk assessment and further measures in preparation for more pupils. We will inform you of this during week.

I will also send home the My day documents for children and parents, including a contract that details the actions you will need to take. This will include photos and videos of what school will look like.

I will send home the Risk assessment for all parents to view.

FSM Update- We have been informed that only those currently eligible will receive vouchers going forward. We are waiting for the list and will issue these ASAP. The system does seem to work much quicker now.

Friday 5th- we will update parents of Year 6 pupils who have confirmed their final plans by telephone.

Online work will continue and will extend, we will be using an online tool called SeeSaw, this is very good. We will roll it out to a year group at a time and send you the details.

Update Tuesday 26th May

Good morning, We hope you are keeping safe and well and I wanted to update you with our progress.

We will not be opening for year 6 until at least 8th June. This is for a number of reasons, including independent SAGE advice, but mainly down to the fact many of the items we need to keep more children safe will not arrive until next week (we now need to support 8 class bases). We will review this and let you know ASAP in line with government advice.
We will also need you to read and abide by the new risk assessment. We will publish this next week.

For key workers and vulnerable pupils- we will be open again next week FROM TUESDAY 2nd 9-1, during week we will be moving you to your new rooms and groups ready for more year 6s. If you feel you are a key worker please text us and we will get back to you on Monday 1st so we can plan adults and bubbles/groups. We will require proof of key working and your shift patterns.

I enjoyed speaking to all year 6 parents last week and if you were a confirmed attendee or unsure we will still ring you as agreed on the Monday 1st June. We will go though the plans and answer questions you have. School will look very different.

If you are in other year groups- the government is currently reviewing this plan- but we hope to create our own plan so we can see as many of you as we can.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mr Fox

UPDATE 22 5 2020

Good Afternoon, and what should be happy end of half term!

We are so proud of al the work you are sending to the website, keep it up.

Please note, Risk assessment: we will not open the school until the risk assessment is complete.

I have shared the blank template for you to get an idea of the amount of work we need to complete.

Before we open we will share the Full one in, and as you can see there is an immense amount of work to complete.

Rest assured I will not open the school if any aspect of the risk assessment is completed.

We will also share a new parent contract, for those Year 6, Key Workers and Vulnerable who would attend.

The earliest we can possibly open is currently WEDNESDAY 3rd June. However, this is dependent on many factors so do not make plans to attend.

We will update again on the 1st June by text and web post.

Thank you for all of your support,

Mr Fox and Team Donnington .

Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 version 3.docx

Testing For Symptoms

Testing now available to anyone with symptoms of coronavirus

The government has announced that anyone with symptoms of coronavirus is now eligible to book a test, ahead of the rollout of the test and trace service. Anyone experiencing a new, continuous cough; high temperature; or a loss of, or change, in their normal sense of smell or taste (anosmia) can book a test.

A coronavirus test can be booked here:

Essential workers in England, Scotland or Northern Ireland, can apply for priority testing through GOV.​UK. A coronavirus test can be booked here:

Update 19/5/20 Potential Reopening for Year 6

Good morning all,

Please have a read through the attached letter which outlines our proposals for reopening school, following new government announcements. Although this is initially just for Year 6, it is worth you all reading it. This will help you make an informed choice. We will publish a more detailed plan this week.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that the school will open in the week beginning 1st June. Please do not make any plans for your child to be at school on this date, and as mentioned in the letter, we cannot take siblings of Year 6 at this time.

We will phone Year 6 parents this week to establish your intentions about your child returning to school.

We will ask if:

  • ‘I will definitely send my child when the school reopens’. We will then ring you on Monday 1st June to confirm this and give you more details of pupil groups.
  • ‘I am currently unsure’. We will ring you on Monday 1st June to discuss this.
  • ‘I will definitely not send my child at this time’. We will call you in the week beginning 1st June and each week to establish when/if you want your child to return.

There is no pressure to return, but we will need to have an idea of numbers. Due to the way the pupil groups will work, it is not possible to change groups or join them half way through the week. In the first two weeks of any reopening we will be training our pupils to follow the new rules and restrictions. Therefore, if you child does not come on the first day, we cannot have them on the second day until we have a new group ready to start.

Thank you

Mr R Fox and the DWJ team

First letter setting out Roadmap 18 May 20.pdf

Update 18 5 20 Roadmap to Reopen

Good Afternoon,

We are finalising our initial letter and roadmap to provide some reassurance to you. We will publish this tomorrow and then welcome feedback and questions by text. We will endeavour to ring all year 6 parents this Friday to discuss it and gauge your readiness to return.

KEY POINTS you need to know now:

  • PD Day Monday 1st June for school to prepare.
  • We will ring Year 6 parents again on this day: The government have stated that they believe it MIGHT be possible to open from the week. However, THIS DATE IS NOT GUARANTEED. Please do not make plans for your child to return to school until we have contacted you. The local authority has indicated all schools must have a signed off risk assessment before the process can start. At this time (18th May), the LA has not finalised this document.
  • You cannot send your child without us contacting you first.
  • If you are a key worker, contact us via text and we will ring you back,
  • Keep checking the website.
  • We cannot take siblings.

Please make sure you read the document tomorrow and text us any questions. There is still a long way to go and much information we are waiting for, and when it is safe to open we will.

Update Sunday 17th May

Good Afternoon all,

1. School will be closed over half term and on the PD Monday 1st June. This is to allow us to prepare and assess whether it is safe.
2. The local authority is producing a risk assessment and actions for reopening. Schools must complete this and have it signed off before opening.(it is not ready yet). We will then produce our own action plan/roadmap. When we do, we will text you and ask you to read it- this way you can make an informed decision about the opening. We will then ring you, to answer any questions you have. We will ask you if you intend to send your child in, please be honest with this as we will allocate groups and staff accordingly.
3. Most importantly- there is no guarantee we will open on Tuesday 2nd June. You should not make any plans for this date. If you are a key worker please contact us via text with your shift patterns and ask your employer for proof of your status.
4.The government will not issue free school meal vouchers over the half term. They have not decided about after the holidays yet.

The school will only open if it is safe to do so.
Please stay safe.