Year 6 parents

Dear Year 6 Parents,

We will be ringing you today to discuss end of term arrangements. If your child is not currently in, we need to know if you are going to send your child back, as we are able to welcome other classes and offer places to other children.

The government has stated: Schools should ascertain if those parents want to take up the offer, making it clear that if they indicate that they do not, or do not respond, schools may offer this capacity to another pupil in which case they won’t subsequently be able to take up a place this term.

We will then be adjusting our bubbles for a final time, to ensure we can keep pupils safe, this might include going to a Rota, say Monday/Tuesday to include as many pupils as we can.

Please note, it will not be the usual end of term fun activities for Year 6, no independent long writes or Bouncy Castles and we are planning something / would like to work with you to offer something in September (as soon as safe) to say a proper fair well.

Thank you,

Mr Fox