12.6.20 Reopening Update

Good Afternoon all,

It has been a good week welcoming back our year 6s and we have reviewed our risk assessment (will upload on Monday).

The government has announced that they will not be pushing for all pupils to be back before the summer, but may allow more flexibility for us to see what we can do. We will wait for some more information, however, fully intend to be creative in getting as many pupils back as we can. This might be having lessons on the field, mornings or afternoon sessions or based on a Rota. We will share this with you all soon.

Class teachers will be ringing all pupils not currently in school next week to see how your child is getting on and to share with you SeeSaw, our new online learning site.

Changes that will appear in the risk assessment:

We are making provision for a Green Group- these pupils will be based on the field and hall (if raining). This is part of our plan to welcome back more pupils but this will build up slowly.

We will adjust the times slightly, we will give you warning of this.

We will, as per SAGE, advice allow up to 10 pupils per classroom, where we can keep 2M distance. Some classes are smaller and some bigger.

WE WILL KEEP our procedure of sending the whole bubble home if a child goes home with a temperature. The government asks us to wait for a positive test, however we will carry this on while the R number remains high. Test results are getting quicker, and hopefully it would only mean a 1 day absence, but for the safety of all this is what we will continue to do. It is only the child that was in the bubble that needs to isolate. (i.e. parents could still go out). We will let you know ASAP any outcome of the test.

If you are a key worker you need to let us know by Wednesday that you require a place.

If you are a Year 6 Parent, you also need to let us know by Wednesday that you would like them to return. If we are unable to run a year 6 provision in the future we will also let you know.

Thank you,

Mr Fox