Update 19/5/20 Potential Reopening for Year 6

Good morning all,

Please have a read through the attached letter which outlines our proposals for reopening school, following new government announcements. Although this is initially just for Year 6, it is worth you all reading it. This will help you make an informed choice. We will publish a more detailed plan this week.

THERE IS NO GUARANTEE that the school will open in the week beginning 1st June. Please do not make any plans for your child to be at school on this date, and as mentioned in the letter, we cannot take siblings of Year 6 at this time.

We will phone Year 6 parents this week to establish your intentions about your child returning to school.

We will ask if:

  • ‘I will definitely send my child when the school reopens’. We will then ring you on Monday 1st June to confirm this and give you more details of pupil groups.
  • ‘I am currently unsure’. We will ring you on Monday 1st June to discuss this.
  • ‘I will definitely not send my child at this time’. We will call you in the week beginning 1st June and each week to establish when/if you want your child to return.

There is no pressure to return, but we will need to have an idea of numbers. Due to the way the pupil groups will work, it is not possible to change groups or join them half way through the week. In the first two weeks of any reopening we will be training our pupils to follow the new rules and restrictions. Therefore, if you child does not come on the first day, we cannot have them on the second day until we have a new group ready to start.

Thank you

Mr R Fox and the DWJ team

First letter setting out Roadmap 18 May 20.pdf