Parent Evening November 2019

Thank you for all the support- Actions are on.

Our Motto is TEAM and working together is what helps everyone to be successful; we would appreciate your feedback.

90% attendance, 204 appointments out of 228 pupils and 115 responses. This is an increase on Spring Term. Thank you for your support. If you were unable to attend, please speak to the Class teacher and they will send home resources.

Any other comments:

We love Donnington Wood Junior and do notice all the work you do with our child. Thank you, we appreciate it! /Am happy with the teachers and all staff. Thank you very much. / Wonderful support from the teachers. We are pleased with the curriculum. / Very Pleased / Very happy with my child’s report, and how she is moving forward. / Thank you so much for helping my daughter. / Thank you for the support. Pleased with my child’s effort. / Thank you for all you do /Thank you for helping my child grow! /Brill School / Fantastic school, very happy and supportive/ Brilliant Parents meeting, he is making so much progress. / Learnt about a new resource. / Very happy with the improvements and progress my child has developed in the last couple of months. / Will start my daughter on Rockstar maths. / Very pleased with my sons progress. / Very pleased with my child’s progress in school, no concerns. / My child’s teacher is fab!/ Happy with my child’s progress in class. / Really happy with the progress this year. / Really happy with her progress so far. / His work is improving well. well done. / My child reads on her own. / My daughter is making very good progress. / Very pleased with my child. /Really pleased with my children’s progress. / Thank you for everything you do. / Thank you to both teachers and a special mention to Mrs Worthington, Thank you, /Fab parents meeting, keep up the good work. Let’s nail the targets with your positive attitude.

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