Family Learning – Digital Safety for Families

Please find attached the publicity and course overview for the Digital families course starting Wednesday 1st May for 4 weeks.

I have booked a crèche.

This course will help parents / carers explore a range of ways to help youngsters be safer and enjoy online activity, including:

  • Knowing where to find trusted advice on the specifics of using equipment, programmes and apps relevant to them and their children as well as how to deal with any concerns.
  • Learning about children’s interest in and motivation to go online and how this relates to children’s development, curiosity and learning about risk taking and critical thinking about how to make decisions about levels of risks.
  • Practising ways to engage in discussions with youngsters about their experiences online and ways to spot, discuss and manage concerns at an early stage.
  • Helping children to be better aware of issues around sharing personal information online, how to create safer online profiles and ways to manage and / or report concerns about other people’s online behaviour.
  • Finding out about and trying a variety of online learning opportunities to support learning in school.

Digital Safety for your Family – Donnington Wood Juniors – Nick.docx