Production FINAL

Christmas Concerts

We have now sold out of tickets for the production.

You must bring your ticket on the night.

On Wednesday 7th 3:30 Performance

We will keep all pupils after school on Wednesday, please send a snack/drink if you want to.

Ticket holders must be in the hall by 3:25- no admittance will be allowed after 3:25. Please queue down the road outside the gate. We will open BOTTOM GATE ONLY at 3:10.

Seating is on a first come basis.

Once the performance finishes ticket holders will be able to collect their children from the class doors.

We will then open the gates for other parents/carers to collect from classroom door.

Year 3 and 4 must be collected. Year 5 and 6 can walk home, but you must tell them this. We believe we will finish by 4:30.


On Thursday 1:30 performance

No one will be let in after 1:25. We will BOTTOM GATE ONLY at 1:10.

We believe we will finish at normal time.

Both gates will be open at the end of the day

Filming and photos, there are a number of pupils who are not allowed their photos published, for a variety of reasons. You may take photos and videos, but they should not be put publicly on social media.

Thank you for support, this is a massive event for the school, and we can’t wait to celebrate it with you.