Hot Weather

Plan for next week

Hot Weather

From DfE and our responses

With this continued spell of hot weather, which is due to peak early next week, the guidance issued by the DfE is;

Encourage parents to provide sun hats and sun lotion They can also bring in to top up if they can apply themselves. You can also come in in PE Kit.
Provide the children with plenty of water Pleas supply pupils with bottles and water, we have lots of water fountains to top up.
Encourage children to play in shaded outdoor spaces We are lucky that we have hundreds of trees. We will have breaks outside in forest school and under trees.
Children should not be taking part in vigorous activities on very hot days- Although we will sit outside we will not be running around.
Open windows as early as possible within the school These are opened at 6:30 am
Keep electrical lighting and equipment to a minimum All low level power units.

At time of writing the Year 6s will still go on trips as there is shade from the trees around the river, and water. Please see their letter with other measures.

Year 6 swimming will also still go ahead.

Any changes we will update the website and parent pay.

Thank you all, Mr Fox