Covid Update

Happy New Year, We look forward to welcoming you back tomorrow, gates open at 8:30 and lock at 8:45 and I wanted to share a few Covid updates:

  • If possible, please use a lateral flow on your child before they return.
  • Please remember that covid boosters are available, to book or walk in.

Update on isolation

If your child has tested positive over the holidays, guidance has changed to enable them to return after two negative lateral flow tests (as long as they don’t have high temperature) on day 6 and day 7, with day 0 being first day of symptoms/or positive result. If you are unsure contact 119 or ask for advice from us.

Other Current Controls (we have kept a number of the enhanced measures from recent step ups)

  • Ventilation in all spaces and CO2 Monitors
  • Hand washing with Gel and water throughout the day
  • Continue enhanced clearing at 1 additional time during the day using detergent.
  • Reduced numbers in hall and shared spaces (including Break)
  • Masks to be worn in crowded areas by all staff.
  • Reduced mixing of pupils- and distance between groups.
  • Cleaning down shared spaces.
  • Working closely with Health Protection hub and implementing step up measures if needed.

School Opening

You would have seen on the news that there is national issue with staffing at the minute. We will do everything in our powers to keep the school open safely, however, there may be times that we do need to close due to staffing levels and return to remote learning. I cannot predict whether this would affect

year groups, classes or the whole school, but I can assure you it will be done in the best interests of our community. SeeSaw enables pupils to keep learning at home, and as always we will continue to use this. Please make sure your child can get on or request passwords from the school office.

Thank you for your continued support, I will send a longer later out later in the week.

Mr Fox