Step Up Measures due to Covid

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have had a number of COVID-19 cases within the school recently which has triggered the need for what is known as ‘stepped-up measures’ to be implemented temporarily in order to try to control transmission across the school. This decision has been taken in conjunction with and on the advice of the Health Protection Hub and follows the advice within the Government’s Contingency Framework for schools.

These measures are additional to the fundamental controls we already have in place covering issues such as ventilation, cleaning and handwashing. The additional control measures have been designed to have minimal impact on your child’s education, and are as follows:

Return to bubbled classes: including play times and eating in class.

Social distancing and mask wearing for all staff.

No parents/carers in school (Harvest Assemblies are cancelled for all school). Parents can still collect from site, but we will ask you to wear a mask, unless exempt)

Trips may continue a class-by-class basis and individual Risk Assessments. (we will let you know)

We will continue to liaise with the Health Protection Hub and will advise you again when these controls are lifted. (It will more than likely be the end of half term)

As always, please ensure you are vigilant for symptoms and if your child does display symptoms, please keep them off school and book them a COVID test using this link: Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus (COVID-19) – GOV.UK (

If you have any doubts our symptoms, go and get tested. Individual classes and individuals will receive specific letters later.

As always the safety of every member of our community is a priority.

Thank you,

Mr Fox and all the TEAM.