Family Learning – Supporting your Primary Child through Lockdown

Good afternoon

I hope that you are all well.

Here we are again, finding ourselves in the thick of it!

Here at Family Learning, we are still working extremely hard to continue to support your school and your families through this difficult time.

We hope to still offer an hour or two for them to have a guided focus to do something fun with their child.

We are in the process of putting together a time table of one off Workshops which parents can cherry pick and just drop in for one session. We think that by not having the full length courses, this may be more accessible for them.

We are looking at one off sessions including;

  • Emotional and behaviour support
  • Mother and Baby group
  • Healthy Eating
  • Story Boxes
  • Support with Home Schooling
  • Family Art for wellbeing
  • And a few more ideas in the pipe line….

In the mean time we would like to offer all schools our latest online course, which we believe will be highly supportive.

Supporting your Primary School Child through Lockdown, is a short three week course for parents and children starting on Monday 25th January. It will cover things like; supporting emotional stress, behaviour and routine, missing social/family interaction, helping children to understand their changing world.

This all looks very ‘heavy’, but our tutor, Debbie Kinsey is extremely fun and motivating and has great communication skills at all levels. She will integrate these topics in fun, relaxed activities that will hopefully be highly supportive to both parent and child.

Supporting your child through lockdown – Debbie.docx