Key workers and vulnerable

Good evening all, what a day!!!!!!

Firstly, our thoughts and prayers go to you all in this difficult time. We thank our nhs hero key workers for keeping us safe and all of you who are keeping us going (including the staff here!)

I am so proud of our online offer of seesaw and we will see you all on that tomorrow. We do have technology we can lend out.
CHILDREN MUST BE COMPLETING WORK ONLINE. And we will contact you regularly about it.

We can open as planned for those key workers and vulnerable pupils who have booked in. We had planned based on our original risk assessment, and although this may need some adjustment we can make it happen. If you have not booked in today, we cannot accommodate you tomorrow.

If you situation has changed and you don’t want the place- message us so we can offer it to someone else.

If you need a place and you can price you are a critical worker please message us. We have limited places

I will send a longer message tomorrow.
But for now, keep safe and reach out if you need anything.

Mr Fox and all the team.