Covid Update

Coronavirus update from

Telford and Wrekin Council

7 December 2020

Telford & Wrekin Council to open a rapid testing centre in the borough

Rapid testing centre at The Place, Oakengates

From Wednesday 9 December, we will be delivering rapid lateral flow testing at The Place, Oakengates.

The lateral flow tests (LFT) can give results in around 30 minutes, without the need for laboratory processing.

The tests are similar to home pregnancy tests, take less than 15 minutes to administer, and take about half an hour to produce a result.

The newly opened centre is only for people with no COVID-19 symptoms – asymptomatic people, who don’t have any coronavirus symptoms, but might be spreading the virus to others without realising it.

In the coming weeks, people who don’t have any coronavirus symptoms will be invited to get a rapid lateral flow test.

This is not mass testing, you can’t book a test at this site unless specifically asked to do so by the Council or via an employer.

People invited for a lateral flow test will be those who work in certain key professions, or are potentially part of an outbreak, or living in an area with high number of cases.

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