Good morning, as the weather gets colder the temperature guns are less effective outside. Therefore, we will slightly update our procedures:


  1. Parents/carers need to check wellness of child before school
  2. Children will still be met at gate, gel hands and let in in class groups. They will was hands when after they sit down. We will also carry out visual assessments for general wellness.
  3. When in class and before 15min limit all children will have temps taken, and actions taken. (15 minutes is the limit of contact time, if children are identified before this time, and actions taken, it has less of an impact on the school)
  4. If hot with the gun, an in ear temp will be taken and further actions taken.

The biggest and most important control is still you checking your child before school. There is no legal recommendation for us to check temps, it is something we do to keep our community safe.

If a child does develop symptoms, you will be asked to take them for a test and if positive, the Health Protection Hub make recommendations, including closing bubbles. They use a 48 hour window to ascertain contacts.

Thank you for your support,

Mr Fox and TEAM Donnington.