Dear parents and carers,

Children in Need/ Free to be me

Each year, to express the values of compassion and justice, we try and support the ‘Children in Need’ campaign. This year we are holding a ‘Free to be Me’ own clothes day on Friday 13th November to support the charity.

Children are invited to attend school wearing their own clothes expressing who they really are as a person. You may have a football crazy child, one who likes to dress up in fancy dress, or a child who loves to wear as many colours as possible at once! They can really wear whatever they like on that day.

All we ask is, if you’re able to, to make a donation of £1 to the Children In Need fundraising campaign. (To avoid handling risks, children will place their contributions in a class pot which will be left in school until the following week to total up.)

We look forward to seeing how the children choose to express themselves.

Many thanks for your support,