School open

The school is open tomorrow and we will welcome you all back as usual. However, as you would have seen there are a few immediate changes:
Tier 2: please read the link, but be even more mindful of separating out at the gate.
Road: the proposals for the road closure will come out this week, I will share this with you so support it.

Positive cases: I have been in contact with the health protection hub this week and so far there are no cases that impact the school, however this may change and I might still have to shut bubbles at late notice.

Finally: national lockdown Thursday onwards.
At the time of writing we have absolutely no information about this other than what you would have read or seen. It is intended that all school stay open, and I welcome this direction, however, we will wait for proper guidance to ensure we keep everyone safe as we can. I will update you throughout the week, when we have the information but I am sure it will lead to changes. As always we will act in a way that keeps the safety of our community first.

See you in the morning.
Mr Fox and TEAM Donnington

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