Positive Covid Test Year 3O

Good Morning All,

Today we have had our first positive test. The class 3O and teachers (anyone who has been in close contact) have been sent home immediately to isolate until the 20th October in line with government advice. Siblings and family members can continue their usually daily routine, unless they have any symptoms (see letter).

Year 3 is cut off from other year groups and the Year 3 pupils themselves split between 3O and 3P, with separate toilets etc, but will still have a deep clean as part of our procedures.

We have contacted and informed every parent in the class and have worked with the Health Protection Hub.

Work will be on seesaw and we will contact you most days to support your child in their work.

As per usual- if you have any symptoms please stay at home. Please keep 2m apart from each other.

Thank you for all your support,

Please keep safe.

Mr Fox

Parents letter-confirmed case.pdf