Important Update

Please see important letter from us inc. details about continuing Friday Deep Clean. We will text it out too ASAP.

Friday Deep Clean

The deep clean on a Friday has been essential for maintaining school hygiene and will need to continue up to half term. Our cleaners do have second jobs that start after their shift here, so they have to start earlier to complete this full-scale task. Cleaners have also further increased cleaning in the week to ensure a very clean school for your child each morning. We aim to be back to normal finishing times after half term.

Every Friday a challenge activity will be provided by Mr Fox and work to complete at home is available on See Saw. This is a difficult decision but one that allows us to fully support your child and our valuable staff, and is just one of the ways in which we keep us all safe. Please be assured learning time is made up in the week through earlier starts and shorter lunch breaks.

Friday PM finish (please note change in times)

Year 3 1:30

Year 4 1:40 They will come out as soon as Year 5 have departed.

Year 5 1:37 They will come out as soon as Year 6 have departed.

Year 6 1: 35 They will come out as soon as Year 3 have departed.

On Friday 23rd, the school is closed for a PD day. We will review our procedures the week before half term and let you know the next steps in our Risk Assessment guidelines.

Mr Fox

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