Week 2

Week 2 update

Another really good week at school with some fantastic work taken place.

Symptoms of Covid 19: Runny noses and sore throats are not currently a symptom of Covid 19 and not reasons to keep a child off school. If you have any doubts ring 111 or contact the school.

The three main symptoms are still the same around high temperature, new persistent cough and loss of smell and taste. If you have these symptoms you need to arrange a test and let us know so we can update Test and Trace. Your child is expected to complete work whilst waiting for the results, unless they are too ill, and will receive a daily call from Mrs Worthington.

Congregating outside school. From Monday you need to be not in groups of more than 6. We will put more sings up, but please stay apart and safe, and back form the pavement.

PE kit: Formal PE starts, pupils come in on their PE day with their kits on. Year 6 Monday, Year 5 Tuesday., Year 4 Wednesday and Year 3 Thursday.

Reading at home: Please read with your child at home.

SeeSaw: All year 4, 5 and 6 now have their own tablet. Year three get theirs next week, but have started to use some this week. We aim to set up family access once we have set up Parent Pay.

Parent Pay: We are nearly ready to set this up and will send out information shortly.

iPads: We do have a number of iPad 2s we can lend if you require one. They are locked down to a limited number of apps and can only be used for school work. If you need one just ask via text. If you do not have internet access either through phone or broadband please also let us know as we are waiting for information from the government on a scheme with BT.

Friday Deep Clean With the recent news and worsening situation with coronavirus levels in the country our protection and control measure are even more important. I am currently working with governors and our cleaning team, in regard to early finish and deep clean that takes place on a Friday PM. It may mean that we need to continue finishing earlier on a Friday to allow it to happen. Please contact us via text if this is a problem, and I will ring back. Please note that we do not lose any time to teaching, as by starting earlier and having shorter lunches we actually are working longer than usual.

Thank you all,

In Hope, Perseverance and Friendship,

Mr Fox