Online Safety

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Guidelines for parents, carers and guardians

1. Have a discussion with your children – try and do some online activities with them. 2. Identify the technology, devices and services across your family / household.
3. Consider whether filtering and blocking or monitoring programmes can help and support your family. 4. Agree expectations as a family about using the Internet and personal devices. 5. Be aware of the online and mobile services used by your children. 6. Consider age of digital consent.
7. Control use of credit cards and other payment mechanisms. 8. Know how to report problems.
9. Be aware that advertising can be inappropriate or misleading.
10. Create a culture of support in the home so that children and young people feel able to seek support. 11. Educate children on the dangers of meeting up with a stranger. 12. Help your children understand and manage their personal information.
13. Ensure children and young people understand what it means to post photographs on the Internet.