Planned Opening 8 6 20

Good Afternoon all,

Following our final risk assessment and checklist we can confirm we will be opening to those children we have spoken to on the phone. We will not let anyone else in if we have not spoken to you.

If you are a Year 6 pupils and you want to return on 15th contact us by Wednesday 10th.

If you are a key worker we are full next week, but again contact us by Wednesday 10th and have proof of your key worker status.

We cannot guarantee anyone’s safety, but the controls and measures we have in place will limit the risk and we are satisfied we can open with this.

We are a team, working in hope, with friendship and especially perseverance.

Our home learning will continue and will be extended with SEESAW. Details on next email

Mr Fox

Team Donnington

WE 5 6 20 FINAL DWJ Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 version 3 approved by LA.docx