Update Friday 29.5.20

Good Afternoon all,

After a busy week I want to update you with where we are:

SCHOOL CLOSED Monday 1st June: for training and completion of physical social distancing. We have moved and sorted most classes but we will be finishing off this week. All staff will be going through the Risk assessment.

If you are a key worker you must let us know you need a place by 1 on Monday. Please contact us if you need our emergency school (via Text). Please note that the list remains the same and only if your child cannot be safely looked after. We are very nearly full.

Phone calls: to Year 6 Confirmed/Unsure and Key workers- to detail next step and alert you to the new requirements ready for June 8th

Tuesday 2nd: Key workers and Vulnerable 9- 1. Please note that during week we will be adopting the new risk assessment and further measures in preparation for more pupils. We will inform you of this during week.

I will also send home the My day documents for children and parents, including a contract that details the actions you will need to take. This will include photos and videos of what school will look like.

I will send home the Risk assessment for all parents to view.

FSM Update- We have been informed that only those currently eligible will receive vouchers going forward. We are waiting for the list and will issue these ASAP. The system does seem to work much quicker now.

Friday 5th- we will update parents of Year 6 pupils who have confirmed their final plans by telephone.

Online work will continue and will extend, we will be using an online tool called SeeSaw, this is very good. We will roll it out to a year group at a time and send you the details.