UPDATE 22 5 2020

Good Afternoon, and what should be happy end of half term!

We are so proud of al the work you are sending to the website, keep it up.

Please note, Risk assessment: we will not open the school until the risk assessment is complete.

I have shared the blank template for you to get an idea of the amount of work we need to complete.

Before we open we will share the Full one in, and as you can see there is an immense amount of work to complete.

Rest assured I will not open the school if any aspect of the risk assessment is completed.

We will also share a new parent contract, for those Year 6, Key Workers and Vulnerable who would attend.

The earliest we can possibly open is currently WEDNESDAY 3rd June. However, this is dependent on many factors so do not make plans to attend.

We will update again on the 1st June by text and web post.

Thank you for all of your support,

Mr Fox and Team Donnington .

Risk Assessment for return to Schools COVID 19 version 3.docx