Whole School – Our latest update to support our pupils learning at home

Good afternoon,

Here are current updates to support you and your child further over the coming weeks:-

  • All our school staff will continue to work preparing and sharing ideas, lessons and resources with you online.
  • Please visit our school website and click on the Resources page.
  • You can now email to us any work or projects completed at home. If you do, please remember- NO PICTURES OF CHILDREN.
  • We will be running weekly competitions and challenges for all pupils to complete whilst at home with virtual awards and prizes!
  • Please bear in mind our online rules (see below). Any breaches of these will be acted on, reported and further action taken.
  • To email the Year 3 and 4 team, email: dwjs34.wood@taw.org.uk

To email the Year 5 and 6 team, email: dwjs56.wood@taw.org.uk

  • Teachers will be checking the details daily throughout the coming weeks, and will endeavour to respond between certain times.
  • We will not email work directly but all work will be accessible on the school website (Resources page)- use the search box to find an appropriate resource to use.

This agreement will help keep me safe and help me to be fair to others

1. I learn online – I use the school’s internet and devices for schoolwork, homework and other activities to learn and have fun. I only use apps, sites and games if a trusted adult says I can.

2. I am creative online – I don’t just spend time on apps, sites and games looking at things from other people; I get creative to learn and make things!

3. I am a friend online – I won’t share anything that I know another person wouldn’t want shared, or which might upset them. And if I know a friend is worried or needs help, I will remind them to talk to an adult, or even do it for them.

4. I am a secure online learner – I keep my passwords to myself and reset them if anyone finds them out.

5. I am careful what I click on – I don’t click on links I don’t expect to see and only download or install things when I know it is safe or has been agreed by trusted adults.

6. I ask for help if I am scared or worried – I will talk to a trusted adult if anything upsets me or worries me on an app, site or game – it often helps. If I get a funny feeling, I talk about it.

7. I know it’s not my fault if I see or someone sends me something bad – I don’t need to worry about getting in trouble, but I mustn’t share it. Instead, I will tell someone.

8. I communicate and collaborate online – with people I know and have met in real life or that a trusted adult knows about.

9. I know new friends aren’t always who they say they are – I am careful when someone wants to be my friend. Unless I have met them face to face, I can’t be sure who they are. If I want to meet them, I will ask a trusted adult, and never go alone or without telling an adult.

10. I don’t do public live streams on my own – and only go on a video chat if my trusted adult knows I am doing it and who with.

11. I tell my parents/carers what I do online – they might not know the app, site or game, but they can still help me when things go wrong, and they want to know what I’m doing.

12. I am private online – I only give out private information if a trusted adult says it’s okay. This might be my home address, phone number or other personal information that could be used to identify me or my family and friends.

13. I keep my body to myself online – I never change what I wear in front of a camera and remember that my body is mine and mine only, and I don’t send any photos without checking with a trusted adult.

14. I say no online if I need to – if I get asked something that makes me worried or upset or just confused, I say no, stop chatting and tell a trusted adult.

15. I am a rule-follower online – I know that apps, sites and games have rules on how to behave, and some have age restrictions. I follow the rules, only use the ones I am allowed to use, and report bad behaviour.

16. I am not a bully – I do not post, make or share unkind, hurtful or rude messages/comments and tell my trusted adults if I see these.

17. I am part of a community – I do not make fun of anyone or exclude them because they are different to me. If I see anyone doing this, I tell a trusted adult.

18. I respect people’s work – I only edit or delete my own digital work and only use words, pictures or videos from other people if I have their permission or if it is copyright free or has a Creative Commons licence.

19. I am a researcher online – I use safe search tools approved by my trusted adults. I know I can’t believe everything I see online, know which sites to trust, and know how to double check information I find.


I have read and understood this agreement.

If I have any questions, I will speak to a trusted adult: at school that includes any adult in the school, my class teacher, Miss Ganderton, Mr Rawson or Mr Fox.