Patron of Reading feedback…

I thought you might like an update about the competition the Y6 children were invited to enter in celebration of world poetry day and based the Knights and Dragon presentation I gave them when they were in Y5. It’s a competition that was being run at the secondary schools but I thought, since the Y6 children had experienced the content of the Book of Dragons, some of them might be budding poets and would also like to enter.

My husband and I, along with proofreaders and editors, have read and judged a lot of competition entries over the years. It takes a lot to impress my husband but the entries we had from your school certainly did. We send our congratulations to the children who entered. Ron and I spent a long time judging the poems. It was a really hard job, they were all well thought out and well written.

We each gave marks out of 5 for the following…

  • Addressing the brief
  • Imagination
  • Use of language
  • Presentation
  • What the poem sounded like when read aloud.

What we didn’t grade it on was spelling or punctuation.

Our marks were then totalled together.

We are pleased to announce that the winner is…

Recipe to Make a Dragon

by Alyx H


I’ve asked Mr Davda if he’ll find out for me which book the winner would like from my book list, and they will also be receiving The Book of Dragons.

When I was in the hall on your open afternoon, I had enquiries from parents (and some grandparents) asking where they could purchase books. I said that I would let the school know where I would be for various events throughout the year. The first event is coming up on Saturday. I’ve attached a poster, it’s a ‘Meet the Authors’ event, part of Wellington Literary Festival. If at all possible, could you give this information out.

Thank you.

Kind regards,