Donnington Wood Strategy Detail 2019- 2020

Please find attached our Strategy for this year.

We are aiming to continue:

In-school barriers (issues to be addressed in school, such as poor oral language skills)
A. Disadvantaged Readers performed significantly lower than to in school and national. (Continued from last year)
B. Disadvantaged maths progress is lower than national and compared to other children internally.
C. PPG pupil’s vocabulary in all subjects is weak compared to others (21 million words compared to 43 million word exposure). (continued from last year)
External barriers (issues which also require action outside school, such as low attendance rates)
D. Home circumstances affecting aspirations, readiness to learn and attendance rates reduce progress rates for our pupils. Attendance rates for pupils eligible for PP are 96.22% (below the target for all children of 97%). This reduces their school hours and causes them to fall behind on average. (Data Dashboard and inspection dashboard). This is compounded by the high % of pupils who are both disadvantaged and are also on our Barrier to learning list, such as: the IDACI strands: Income Deprivation / Employment Deprivation / Education, Skills and Training Deprivation / Health Deprivation and Disability / Crime / Barriers to Housing and Services / Living Environment Deprivation. This will also include new EHA assessments we also include mental health and wellbeing, access to services.

Donnington Wood Strategy Detail 2019- 2020.docx