Applying for a school place 2019 – School Admissions

Good Afternoon,

As of 10th September 2018 the school application portal will go live and this means customers will be able to apply for Reception (starting school for the first time), Secondary and Junior school places to start school in September 2019.

The closing dates for school applications are:

31st October 2018 for secondary school places

15th January 2019 for Reception and Junior places

If a child has an Education, Health & Care Plan the closing date for all applications is 31st October 2018.

On our website is the school admissions brochure which contains all the important information in relation to school places. Within this document is a FAQ which you may find useful.

Also, on the webpage is a “how to complete an application guide”.

Interactive School Map

As you will also be aware customers can use the library services to apply for school places.

The online system has now been in place for 2 years and this has proven to be very successful for both the Council and customers.

We would like to thank all our colleagues who support parents in applying for school places.

How do I contact the School Admissions Team?

The School Admissions Team are contactable via email at admissions

School Admissions will need to have the following information to assist with the enquiry:

Application reference number (if applicable)

Child’s name

Child’s date of birth

Your name

Your relationship to the child

Your contact number

Where a customer wishes to talk to a member of the admissions team we aim to respond to them within 24 hours if not sooner in the majority of cases.

Thank you for all your support during and if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

The School Admissions Team