Golden Jubilee

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Donnington Wood C.E Junior Golden Jubilee

On the 13th July 1966 our school was officially opened and dedicated by the Bishop of Lichfield. Therefore we will be celebrating our Golden Jubilee this July. The purpose of our celebrations is to be ‘proud of our past; prepared for our future.’

To celebrate our birthday we have uploaded photos to our website from the last 50 years (and some from the original Donnington Wood School) and will be digitally publishing many of our written records, including: registers from the 1850’s (original school), the punishment book and notes from early governors’ meetings.

On the 13th July we will be hosting a special Rededication Service for our school (more

details to follow nearer the time.)

Our current Year 6 classes will create a presentation during their last term at the school. At the start of the Autumn Term we will continue to celebrate our school history with a project reflecting back on the last 50 years and looking forward to the next.

The Golden Jubilee will culminate in a Family Open Afternoon on Friday 23rd September to celebrate DWJ’s special place in the community.

If you, or a family member attended this school we would like to hear your memories of your time here. If you have any old photos or memorabilia (reports, books, school jumpers etc) please send them to us. To share your memories:

Email: dwjgoldenjubilee

Post: Use the address above.

In person: Please bring anything you have into the office.

Comment on the DWJ website: At the bottom of the DWJ Golden Jubilee page there is a comments box. Register with WordPress and leave your comments. We will then moderate and publish them if appropriate.

Photos are available on the website: and then click Golden

Jubilee (at the bottom). You can scroll through the slide show.

There will also be a collection of the photos in the hall tomorrow as part of our Multi-Cultural Week celebrations.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you can share some memories of DWJ over the last 50 years.

Mr Rawson and Mr Fox, Golden Jubilee Team