We have started our Daily Mile! Read below for more information. Letters will be coming out soon.

The Daily Mile
School council initiative:
What is it?
* Boost fitness amongst pupils and staff
* Teamwork and socialisation
* Fun way to get fit
* Raise money towards the school trip
* The ‘secret’ venue for this is about 40miles away, so the challenge is can you do that distance before we go?

How it will work?
* 10 laps of our track equals one mile.
* Each time you get back to the start you will get a tick on the tally sheet – 10 ticks = a mile ! * You have 15 minutes to do this
* When you have finished you go back to your normal area and enjoy the rest of break
* Year group and class leaders will be shown on the track in the Year 6 corridor.

When can I do it?
Morning Break time
* Monday – Whole school
* Tuesday – Year 4
* Wednesday – Year 6
* Thursday – Year 5
* Friday – Year 3
If numbers permit and you want to, you can join in on any other day, but remember to get it recorded by the designated member of staff!