Kayleigh and Memphis’ Christmas poem

Christmas time is almost here,
All the people are ready for cheer.
Children playing in the snow,
So Christmas shopping is get set go.

Presents stuffed behind the chair,
But always remember to beware.
For Santa will not let you have those gifts,
If you decide to get in a miff.

The baubles dangling from the tree,
And guess who’s covered in tinsel,me!
The fairy sitting on the top,
So let’s get ready for Christmas pop.

It’s Christmas night and I’m ready for bed,
And Santa and his reindeer need to be fed.
There’s a glass of milk and a warm mince pie,
Left for them so they don’t cry!

Christmas morning and I run downstairs,
Just to meet my mums icy glares.
One of my presents was torn a titch,
Oops I hope dad isn’t a snitch.

I open the presents under the tree,
Who’s the luckiest girl in the world,me!!
I got makeup and money oh sweet honey.
There is mistletoe hanging over the tree!

The lovely turkey with green sprouts,
(well if you like them that is)
The delish roast potatoes,
And sun dried tomatoes yumm scrumptious.