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Our Curriculum Offer

The School Curriculum

Your children will experience a wide range of subject areas during their time at the school. They will also have the opportunity to take part in extra curricular activities such as sport, drama, art & music.

The curriculum is as broad and as balanced as possible to ensure that the needs of all children are catered for and special gifts or talents are nurtured. No child in our school should feel disbarred from equal access to the curriculum, irrespective of ability, gender, race or creed.

It is our aim that the curriculum should help all pupils to:

a) Enjoy learning

b) Develop independence and self-reliance

c) Experience a broad based curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy & Maths

d) Develop lively and enquiring minds

e) Develop respect for self and others

f) Understand the world in which they live

g) Develop a concern for the environment

h) Work co-operatively with others

Our approach to the Curriculum

By the time that your child finishes here, your child will have received a rich & varied curriculum that has also covered all the appropriate elements of the National Curriculum.

As a school we have a ‘Creative curriculum’ approach. This means that most subjects such as history, geography, art etc. are linked through a ‘Topic’ or ‘Theme’ each term.

In our school the children are taught Literacy (English) & Maths in the morning by their class teachers. In the afternoons children are taught all of the other ‘foundation’ subjects, such as History, Art etc., by the teachers who specialise in that particular subject area. ICT is used as an integral part of most lessons and all classes have an interactive whiteboard, laptops and i-pads. Computing is taught as a separate subject during the afternoon session.

In this way we feel that our pupils receive the very best education we can offer. It also means that our pupils are well prepared for their next stage of education.

SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development

Developing the pupil’s awareness of the spiritual, moral, social & cultural diversity of the world in which we live is of paramount importance to us. We offer numerous opportunities to explore all aspects of SMSC both through the curriculum & through the way we work as a school.

Our Christian ethos of tolerance, respect & understanding underpins much of the SMSC work that takes place in the school.

We use our outdoor learning spaces, such as ‘Forest school’ not only to enhance the children’s learning experiences but to also develop their awareness of the need to care for the environment.

Religious Education & Spiritual awareness

The teaching of Religious Education (RE) has a strong focus as we are a Church of England School. Each class has a worship area where children can sit quietly & reflect or share their thoughts & prayers.

We have a daily act of Christian Worship in our school but parents do have the right to withdraw their children from this should they wish to do so.

The school follows the agreed syllabus for the teaching of RE and children learn about other religions and cultures as part of their RE work.

The children take part in a wide range of activities designed to explore different faiths and cultures from around the world, during Multi-Cultural week in the spring term of each year.

Examples of work can be found on our school blog and by clicking on: Our Curriculum Showcase Link.