Our Curriculum Offer

School Curriculum

From September we will be teaching from the new National Curriculum- We will continue to use our themed approach – using all skills from all subjects to make sure that any skills we learn are embedded across our lessons.

Year 6 will continue using the old national curriculum and will be tested in May 2015. Years 3, 4 and 5 will follow the statutory curriculum.

We work closely with our infant colleagues and are currently working on a joint calculation policy.

To successfully deliver the curriculum we have decided, in consultation with our stakeholders, to use specialist teachers to teach the individual subjects in the afternoons. This will allow us to make rapid progress.

Examples of work can be found on our school blog and by clicking on: Our Curriculum Showcase Link Above.

Art and Design Team: Mrs Grafton and Mrs F. Davies

Computing and Science Team: Mr Fox and Mrs R. Davies

Music Team: Miss Tonks and Miss French- coordinated by Mrs Grafton

History and Geography Team: Mr Rawson and Miss Rhodes

PE and French Team: Miss Hupperdine and Mr Field

RE and PHSE taught by class teachers

Our Curriculum this term

Curriculum planning Spr term 2015 Our offer for this term including learning outcomes.

Math Offer For Spring Term

national curriculum Our curriculum is based on the National Curriculum.


Curriculum Planning Aut 1 2014

RE Telford and Wrekin SACRE RE Scheme of Work Outline

Maths Calculation Policy- Includes from Reception- any questions please come and ask!

cp stage cd 2014 cp stage g 2014 cp stage ef 2014 cp stage ab 2014

How we assess

We are intending to use the Sheffield Steps to assess pupil progress. This will build on the infants. Sheffield STAT NC Grids Final Draft August

Maths is embedded across the curriculum and our policy and national curriculum reflect the desire to give pupils a well rounded and extensive opportunity to use and apply our learning. We are working on a joint infants project on reasoning with our Telford and Wrekin Maths specialist. More information to follow. Maths Policy 2013

Literacy is also embedded across the curriculum and is taught in every subject- ensuring skills are used at all times. We follow the national curriculum and ensure that standards are met. More detail are on our medium term plan.

We promote British Values and work hard to prepare our pupils to take an active part in British Society. More details coming soon.