SEND Offer (Special Educational Needs & Disability)

‘Disabled pupils, and those with special educational needs….make good progress’ (Ofsted-2013)

At Donnington Wood Junior School we are committed to ensuring that all children are able to achieve their true potential and meet, if not exceed, their own individual learning targets.

We believe the key to accomplishing this is high quality teaching which offers all children an inspiring broad and balanced curriculum.

We also consider that the needs of each individual child are vital to their learning success.

Children’s progress is constantly assessed, monitored and reviewed. Sometimes, we find that children to make the progress we expect and when this happens, step are quickly put into place to support those children.

During our most recent inspection, it was noted that:

‘Teachers use regular and focused tracking of pupils’ progress, often on a weekly basis, in order to identify any pupil at risk of not making enough progress. This process triggers an impressive range of additional strategies to provide these pupils with prompt and focused support.’ (Ofsted-2013)


If, following such support, progress is still slower than expected, the advice of external agencies may be sought. This information is then used to help us to plan and implement the most effective intervention strategies to enable the child’s learning to move forward.

It is our policy to keep parents fully informed of any addition support offered to a child; particularly where the support of outside agencies has been requested.

The agencies we consult is dependent on specific needs or difficulties being faced by individual children. Further details of agencies we work with regularly can be seen in a later section.


SEN staff – Roles and Responsibilities

Our SENCO is responsible for the operation of the Special Needs Policy and co-ordination of specific provision made to support individual children with additional needs. Other SEN staff support the SENCO to deliver specific provision across the school. SEN staff liaise with parents, children, class teachers and teaching assistants to monitor pupils progress and plan interventions or change interventions where necessary. SEN staff have regular contact with a wide range of external agencies that are able to give more specialised advice. Staff: All of our children, including those with special education needs, are supported by their own class teachers and by our team of dedicated teaching assistants. In addition to this, specific support may be offered by our SEN and pastoral support staff:staff

SEN staff regularly attend training sessions and network meetings as part of their continued Professional Development. This ensures that they are all able to incorporate the most recent teaching and learning strategies into their planning.